The 3 Goals You Need for 2022 (and How I Set my Goals)
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Goals aren’t just for January 1st. You can set and reset them throughout the year. I explain how I approach goal setting and share my top tips for making them work. Many entrepreneurs really struggle to set goals - to ask for what they want, to articulate it. Maybe you’re worried about what will happen if you don’t achieve your goal?  I’m here to help you discover why you're not setting goals, why you are not allowing yourself to dream. It's totally okay for you to shift and change your goals.
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I wish you could see me recording my latest podcast episode: I’m wearing a Hot Shoe Shuffle tee and a Hamilton jumper!    You’d get a massive clue about my latest investment…   In this episode I’m talking about how I invest my money AND why I invested in a freaking musical!
Published 06/30/22
Today we are talking about how to do an honest assessment of your business. We’re gonna approach it in a really chill way! 
Published 06/23/22