Shortcut to Success: 4 Myths About Personal Development
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Today I’m busting four myths about spending money on personal development. I see backlash sometimes about people buying courses. I see resistance, underspending, people holding themselves back from learning things and giving themselves what they really need because of money mindset issues.  I’ve loved reading ever since I was tiny. I found this little red book once, called The Magic of Believing by Claude M Bristol. I was so fascinated - it was about how you could change your life by changing your thoughts. That book opened the personal development doors for me! So I see a lot of problems with feeling like you have to complete a book or a course. It’s ok to join a course for one element. Sometimes you work with a mentor for one little tweak. You don't have to finish everything before you go onto the next thing. Once I paid $7,000 to go to a VIP day and got one aha, which led to me making a million dollars. It’s fine to work with multiple coaches or masterminds; you can get different things from different people. I'm in masterminds just to get techy, ones to help me learn about fairness, and equality, and also business and marketing groups. Look at what you need to learn, what's holding you back from making money, what skills do you need, what mindset work you need to do, what would help you to actually make money? Money mindset is a massive one; it’s the most intangible thing, but it will stop you from making money. You might be wasting time and effort trying to do things yourself, trying to push through. Let’s bust through these myths and help you get to the next level of success and wealth.
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