Get Your Partner Onboard with Your Money Dreams
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So you’re reading books about money mindset, you're listening to my podcast and you’ve probably invested in conferences or courses to change your mindset.    And then someone you love poops on your parade.   A question I get ALL THE TIME is “How can I get my partner onboard with my money goals?”   You might live with someone who's very negative or fearful about money, personal development, entrepreneurship. That can be really tough and my heart goes out to you.     Or your partner might just be a bit sceptical.    Here’s how to grow and make money even when you have that in your life.
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I wish you could see me recording my latest podcast episode: I’m wearing a Hot Shoe Shuffle tee and a Hamilton jumper!    You’d get a massive clue about my latest investment…   In this episode I’m talking about how I invest my money AND why I invested in a freaking musical!
Published 06/30/22
Today we are talking about how to do an honest assessment of your business. We’re gonna approach it in a really chill way! 
Published 06/23/22