Sam has Tallent | Chris Distefano is Chrissy Chaos | EP 124
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WELCOME to Chrissy Chaos!  Chrissy Chaos is joined by comedian Sam Tallent! The two talk smoking crack, being married in comedy, how it is after you do the Joe Rogan Experience, fame is cancer, would you eat people?, Staten Island is KING, jerking off on the road, being in 4th place in your own life. SUPPORT THE SPONSORS TO SUPPORT THE CHAOS Take your freedom bells to the next level by going to and get 20% off with free shipping with our discount code CHAOS. Get your independence back this independence day and unlock your confidence with MANSCAPED  Find more balance, with BetterHelp. Visit today to get 10% off your first month. That’s better HELP—H - E - L - P—dot com slash CHAOS. Remember, get your next delicious bowl of guilt-free cereal at and use the code CHAOS to save five dollars off. Ready for a good time without the guesswork? Order your THC products from MOOD today. And for 20% off your first order and FREE gummies, go to and use promo code CHAOS. o That’s HELLO M-O-O-D dot com, promo code CHAOS for 20% off your order and FREE gummies.  CHRISDCOMEDY.COM for all upcoming live comedy show dates FOLLOW Chris Distefano On Social Media Instagram -​ Twitter -​ Follow Chris' podcast with Sal Vulcano called HEY BABE!​ Remember to rate us on iTunes and Join our Patreon for a WEEKLY bonus ep!​ Filmed and Edited by THEHOMELESSPIMP Twitter - ​ Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Published 02/19/24
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Published 02/12/24