#14 Classic Heart with Vintage Bimmer
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Vintage Bimmer in Los Angeles is much more than a workshop. Bailey Roberts, Robert Hill and Aiden Arvizu tell us how they restore and sell classic BMWs from the 80s and 90s while building a cool and contemporary lifestyle centred around it. Highlights include their own merchandising, very special events and a growing community.
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Daniel Hoffmann shares the story of his very special friendship with Mike, how they inspired each other in their passion for classic cars and how he inherited his friend's BMW M1 after his untimely death. He tells us how it feels to drive Mike’s M1 as well as other cars from his own collection...
Published 02/01/23
Paul Howse had just graduated when he designed the McLaren P1 supercar. He gives us insights into the design process, what inspired him and how he celebrated his success, and explains why he likes which cars best. He's an artist now, but still works with cars, and has a wealth of knowledge to...
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