Facial lymph care, massage techniques & topicals | holistic esthetician Britta Plug
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“[When you do facial and neck lymph massage work] that’s where you can access the vagus nerve, which brings our body into parasympathetic states. So when we do this, we're talking about beauty, sculpting, clearing, brightening, and having that glow—but we’re also affecting our entire body,” says holistic esthetician and mbg collective member Britta Plug. “It makes sense why these beauty rituals feel so good!” In this episode of Clean Beauty School, host and mbg beauty director Alexandra Engler chats with Plug about all things lymphatic drainage—from massage tips and movements to topicals.  Shown notes: -Follow Britta Plug -Listen to our dedicated guasha episode.  -Studies connecting breathwork and skin quality: How breathwork helps you enter a parasympathetic state, how it helps you deal with negative emotions, and how the Wim Hof method reduces inflammation.  -The Bean Protocol by Unique Hammond -Read more about topics discussed in this episode: lymphatic drainage massage, facial lymphatic work, breathwork, facial cupping, facial guasha, puffy eyes, facial oils for each skin type, the gut-skin connection, hormonal acne, oil cleansing.  -Plug’s product recommendations: Wildling’s Lumin Collection.  Comments: [email protected] Sponsorship inquiries: [email protected] 
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