How being type-A can hurt your skin | Perpetua Neo, DClinPsy
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“It’s about creating a mental framework that removes you from needing to be perfect to being OK with being good enough,” says Perpetua Neo, DClinPsy, who specializes in helping executives, perfectionists, and type-A individuals. In this episode of mindbodygreen’s beauty podcast Clean Beauty School, beauty director Alexandra Engler and Neo discuss how being a perfectionist can set you back in your skin care goals, as well as how to set beauty boundaries in a world of social media influence and unattainable expectations.  Show notes: - Read up on some of Neo’s work on mindbodygreen: cognitive photoshop, perfectionism and beauty, and forming habits.  - Research on the increase in perfectionism in younger generations, and the unrealistic standards or academic and professional achievement, how they should look, and what they should own.  - Research on social media and anxiety. Comments: [email protected] Sponsorship inquiries: [email protected]
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