Dos & don’ts of sustainable beauty | Kristy Drutman, founder of Brown Girl Green
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“I feel like the beauty industry is failing society by not taking advantage of the opportunity to exhibit really strong leadership in this space. They should be leaders into a world where people can feel the best about themselves—not just for what they're putting on their skin, but the impact that they're making on the environment,” says eco-justice advocate and founder of Brown Girl Green Kristy Drutman. In this episode of Clean Beauty School, host & beauty director Alexandra Engler and Drutman discuss how to spot “greenwashing” in beauty, climate change’s impact on our bodies and skin—as well as how to build a more eco-friendly routine.   Show notes: -Drutman’s Brown Girl Green.  -Reports on beauty waste: Stats on cosmetic production & waste and recycling stats. -DIY makeup & beauty, including masks, mascara, lipstick, and remover. -IPCC report & how to turn eco anxiety into action.  -The impact of ultraviolet radiation becoming stronger & climate change-induced skin sensitivities.  -Some of Drutman’s beauty recs: TerraCycle Loop program, forest bathing, Amika hair care. Comments: [email protected] Sponsorship inquiries: [email protected]
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