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Climate Curious alumni Tanya Beri returns to share the latest updates about her work to improve air quality on the London Underground; CAIR London. Starting the journey four years ago whilst at University, Tanya has now launched the app, and expanded it to include sound pollution data, too!
Published 04/12/24
Insurance. Yes, it’s geeky, it’s niche. But it’s the secret lever we never knew we needed. The insurance world holds the keys to halt new fossil fuel projects in their tracks. That’s because if you can’t insure the work, it can’t go ahead. TEDxLondon’s Climate Curious speaks to two campaigners...
Published 03/22/24
“The beauty of birding is even if you don't see anything, it's just about getting outside with your mates and having a good time,” says Nadeem Perera, birdwatcher and co-founder of global birdwatching community, Flock Together, on TEDxLondon’s Climate Curious. Nadeem shares why black and brown...
Published 03/15/24