Let´s talk about Mali: The impacts of climate change on insecurity and gender inequality
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In this episode we speak about climate fragility risks in Mali together with Chitra Nagarajan, author of the climate fragility risk brief on Mali. During the interview, we hear her insights on how climate change is projected to affect Mali and learn more about the five pathways trough which climate change impacts fragility in Mali. She also offers recommendations on how to address them. Moreover, as one of Chitra Nagarajan´s focus topics, this episode takes a closer look at gender dynamics with regard to climate security. Chitra Nagarajan is an independent researcher and member of the climate security expert network. In her work, she focuses on civilian protection, climate change, conflict analysis and sensitivity, gender and social inclusion, peacebuilding and human rights, particularly those of women and girls. You can download her climate fragility risk brief about Mali here: https://climate-security-expert-network.org/sites/climate-security-expert-network.org/files/documents/csen_climate_fragility_risk_brief_mali.pdf
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