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In this week’s instalment, Marian and Tara tackle a badly-dressed boyfriend, a weighted blanket, the problem with noisy eaters and much more. Marian Keyes is a multi award-winning writer, with a total of over 30 million of her books sold to date in 33 languages. Her close friend Tara Flynn is an actress, comedian and writer. Together, these two friends have been through a lot, and now want to use their considerable life experience to help solve your biggest - and smallest - of their listeners' problems. From dilemmas about life, love and grief, to the perils of laundry or knowing what to say at a boring dinner, we’ll find out what Marian and Tara would recommend…which might not solve the problem exactly, but will make us all feel a bit better. Recorded in Dublin with emails received from listeners around the world, the hosts invite you to pull up a chair at their virtual kitchen table as they read and digest their inbox. Got a problem you want Marian and Tara to solve? Email: [email protected] Producer: Steve Doherty. A Giddy Goat production for BBC Radio 4 and BBC Sounds
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