Brother Cousins, Zero Times Removed!
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Bryan's not afraid to say it...he is against cousin-f*****g! When all else fails, block those cousin-f*****s from the family facebook page. My left foot foots?  TCB has finally made it, because we’re getting spammed by Russian troll farms! The Evolution of Trolls Bryan & Krissy had a messy trip to Costa Rica in 2013 Krissy, rum, and a lovely conversation with the police The racoons ate Krissy’s birthday cake! Would you marry your cousin? Bryan found a documentary on two first cousins who are married If you can see the head of your penis through your jeans…leave those jeans at home First kiss, first crush, first love, first cousin Cool it, Angie! Taking it to the family facebook page Cousin F*****s, by TCB These people do not understand science WE is now Cinemax After Dark To the park for a petition! LINKS: Send us show ideas, comments, questions or concerns by texting us or leaving a voicemail at: 1.855.TCB.8383 Speak to TCB LIVE by calling 775.TCB.LIVE (1.775.822.5483) Tuesday-Thursday 12pm-5pm EST Watch TCB on YouTube Creator: Bryan Green Co-Host: Bryan Green Co-Host: Krissy Hoadley Written By: Bryan Green Exec Producers: Bryan Green & Krissy Hoadley Content Production & Research: Tina Khano YouTube Producer & Editor: Morgan Please Audio Editing: Christina A. Executive Director: Astrid B. Associate Producer: Gustavo Episodic Contribution: Marianne, Diane, Natalie, Will The Champ, Will D** Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Published 05/31/23
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Published 05/29/23