Doin' TJ is Hard Work!
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TCB takes us back to a land before time...The Jerry Springer Show! Miranda doesn't want Perry's PP anymore. She wants TJ! F*****g him is hard work, but at least it's exciting. It's a pollen superstorm in the South Jerry Springer has passed away (you heard it here last) Bryan takes us back to summer of '87 The origins of Jerry Springer “I Just Married My Horse” Bryan had friends on Jerry Springer He also wanted to be on The Real World and a sketchy reality radio show Bryan has a story reminiscent of Krissy’s Hotel Impossible stint... TCB reviews a Jerry Springer segment Nothing says i love you like a Walmart charm bracelet Perry doesnt mind a *little* bit of cheating… He just doesn’t excite Miranda anymore! It’s not real unless you do it on Springer Perry’s PP is very upset! TJ’S HERE!!! They’ve been out here skinny dipping… Perry's fixing tennis shoes problems every day! TJ told him from the jump he was gonna f**k his girl LINKS: Send us show ideas, comments, questions or concerns by texting us or leaving a voicemail at: 1.855.TCB.8383 Speak to TCB LIVE by calling 775.TCB.LIVE (1.775.822.5483) Tuesday-Thursday 12pm-5pm EST Watch TCB on YouTube Creator: Bryan Green Co-Host: Bryan Green Co-Host: Krissy Hoadley Written By: Bryan Green Exec Producers: Bryan Green & Krissy Hoadley Content Production & Research: Tina Khano YouTube Producer & Editor: Morgan Please Audio Editing: Christina A. Executive Director: Astrid B. Associate Producer: Gustavo Episodic Contribution: Marianne, Diane, Natalie, Will The Champ, Will D** Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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