The Yangtze River conservation law took effect on Monday amid China's intensified efforts to protect its "mother river."
Published 02/28/21
For an enterprise to be successful, apart from working extremely hard, the only alternative is to ensure that employees have the ability to learn quickly and enjoy contributing their own expertise.
Published 12/23/20
The wise are not confused, the Ren person is not anxious, the brave are not afraid.
Published 12/20/20
Low cost is not the decisive factor. Making something different is what really counts.
Published 12/16/20
The world changes fast. If you cannot let go of old ways of thinking and doing things, and simply try to repeat your current success, you are sure to meet with failure.
Published 12/13/20
Take a long-term view. If you don’t, you’re bound to have problems in the short term.
Published 12/09/20
The most precious aspect of a first-rate corporate culture is not high tech, but high touch.
Published 12/06/20
The first and most important step in selecting employees is to use the right people.
Published 12/02/20
There is no so-called best system, just a best system for the current circumstances. Systems and quality are the same – they both require constant improvement.
Published 11/29/20
Once a corporate culture of “customer first” is established, employees will want to do what is right for customers. Giving directives to employees on everything amounts to restricting their scope to being responsible.
Published 11/25/20
If a leader wants to achieve effortless control, he must use culture to manage, lead and control.
Published 11/22/20
Never underestimate the importance of business ethics. How can a company or manager who does not have the trust of customers do business well?
Published 11/18/20
The key reason why Japanese entrepreneur, Kazuo Inamori, never let any of his companies suffer a loss was that he respected heaven and loved mankind.
Published 11/15/20
Enterprises that want sustainability today must be concerned about their customers, the planet and the future.
Published 11/11/20
The Confucian approach to management exceeds our concepts and imagination.
Published 11/08/20
Most business leaders spend very little time talking with their staff, not only missing out on precious transmission of experience, but also losing an opportunity to inspire them.
Published 11/04/20
A superior should respect his subordinate and a subordinate be loyal to his superior.
Published 11/01/20
A leader should use the Socratic method of questioning to constantly refine the views of his employees.
Published 10/28/20
A manager must be clear about what is important and understand how to delegate.
Published 10/25/20
Being strict to let others appreciate the importance of a problem and prevent it from happening again is constructive criticism based on concern for the other person.
Published 10/21/20
Rumors can easily destroy the unity of an organization. Seek out the source of a rumor and set the facts straight.
Published 10/18/20
A leader knows how to effect changes. He seeks to be good, but even more importantly he seeks ability.
Published 10/14/20
Communication and discussion must be among people with a similar set of values; otherwise it’s easy to miss talent or express a mistaken view.
Published 10/11/20
How you face your mistakes will determine whether you are fit to be a leader and be a turning point for the whole corporate culture.
Published 10/07/20
A wrong business policy often affects customers worldwide and may even shake an enterprise to the core, resulting in unforeseen heavy losses.
Published 10/04/20