What Does The Kingdom of God Look Like?
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What does the Kingdom of God look like? Jesus is inviting us to draw near and hear the incredible practicality of His Kingdom. We're to be filled with the Word and the Spirit. Hear as Dr. John Andrews teaches on how we can find application in the ordinary and routine through God's Word and Spirit. 
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Conflict isn’t something that we desire or enjoy. We often wish that things would always remain harmonious in our relationships and in the work environment. However, conflicts are unavoidable and fulfil an important role. How then do we know when a conflict is constructive and when does it become...
Published 08/16/22
In Acts 3, the Apostle Peter stood before a large crowd gathered in Jerusalem and preached a glorious message of salvation. One of the ideas he alluded to was that Jesus could not return from heaven until all things had been restored. In other words, before He can be released from heaven to...
Published 08/12/22