How to promote yourself when you want to stay private online, with Muiz
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Our next guest is Muiz, an art director, artist and designer from Manchester who specialises in Arabic and Latin branding, editorial and type design. Many of you will know why it's impossible to define precisely what you do. Job titles, after all, can be so limiting. It's why Muiz points out that he's a natural-born illustrator with an academic background in product design and fine art and also a qualified graphic designer working with clients as big as Arts Council England, Audi, and Bloomsbury. It's important for him to get this across, as so much of what we do influences our output. Just as Muiz doesn't want to be defined by labels, he doesn't want to be put in any box because of his background or ethnicity. It's why he keeps a low profile online and has never shown his face on social media or the web. Despite all this, Muiz has enjoyed a successful career, finding ways to network and get ahead via more traditional means. Straight after graduation, he spent 18 months working with two of the world's leading typographers – Bruno Maag and Erik Spiekermann, via Fontshop International. He tells us how that came about in this episode (and it's quite surprising). He also reveals how he worked for the Palestine Festival of Literature for eight years. And we learn more about Rice & Gold, the creative studio he founded five years ago with his friend and illustrator Jonny Wan. We also delve into the importance of identity and why you can be a success no matter where you're based. We cover the secrets of self-promotion without sharing your entire personal life on social media. Muiz also shares why real connections matter, as they're not "transactional", perhaps like a 'like' or retweet. But mainly, we hear of Muiz finding himself, leaning into his strengths, and discovering that he – just like anyone else – has a real and valid voice that deserves to be heard.
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