The Creative Boom Podcast Trailer (Season Five)
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Want to hear the inside scoop from leading artists and designers? Understand what makes them thrive (not just survive) in a post-pandemic world, how they view emerging technology like generative AI, and where they think creativity is heading next? Or even hear of those seemingly small career moments that had enormous impacts? The Creative Boom Podcast will answer many of these burning questions and satisfy your curiosity through candid conversations with some of the world's biggest creative names. Each episode promises invaluable insight and incredible stories to inspire creative professionals everywhere.  From visual artist and author, Oliver Jeffers, to American graphic designer Gail Anderson… 'King of Logos' Tom Geismar and the legendary Debbie Millman… Join me, Katy Cowan, as I chat with leading artists and designers from around the world, delving into their careers to discover the secret to their success, as well as hearing their thoughts on crucial topics that affect us all.  This show is part of Creative Boom, an online magazine launched nearly 14 years ago to celebrate, inspire and support the creative community, particularly the underrepresented. Today, we reach a million creative professionals each month and have proudly championed thousands of creatives since 2009. To discover more, go to Creative Boom and be inspired by all the latest news, work, insight and advice from the creative industry. That’s where you can also discover our entire podcast archive.
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It's been two years and nearly a hundred episodes since we launched The Creative Boom Podcast. With 2023 fast approaching, we thought a Christmas Special might be in order. One that celebrates how far we've come and pays tribute to the people who helped us get here but also allows us to look...
Published 12/21/22
Published 12/21/22
It's our final guest of season five. Angela Roche is a graphic designer and creative director who runs Manchester studio, Love & Logic. We've been trying to get Angela on the show for quite some time. Disclaimer alert: we're great friends and once shared an office when she was running...
Published 12/19/22