Episode 55: Face to face with wife killer Joe O'Reilly
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When killer Joe O’Reilly bludgeoned his wife Rachel to death at their home in the Naul, Co Dublin, in October 2004 he thought he’d get away with murder. But years after he was convicted to a life sentence for his horrific crime, nobody could have expected that the former advertising executive - who is yet again to be the subject of a new documentary to be screened on RTE - would continue to fascinate the public So what is it about Ordinary Joe and his plot to kill seventeen years ago that is rarely far from the headlines? Why do people still want answers to his awful crime? Nicola Tallant talks to journalist Jenny Friel, whose book 'The Suspect' is the definitive account of murder in the Naul. She tells me about her extraordinary meetings with the killer as he protested his innocence, the gruesome murder tours he took her on in his home and how his tall tales and desire for recognition eventually backfired on him in spectacular fashion.
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