Simplified Speech #153 – Zombies!
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Zombies are everywhere! From movies and TV shows to video games and more, zombies are supernatural monsters that appear in almost every culture’s folklore. In this episode, Andrew and Kassy talk about everything they know about these undead creatures. Simplified Speech episodes feature two native English speakers having clear, natural, and easy-to-understand conversations about interesting topics, like zombies. Studying with this series helps you to improve your English listening skills and speak English naturally.. Fun facts The word “zombie” first appeared in 1819 when poet Robert Southey used it in his book History of Brazil to refer to a rebel leader named Zumbi. Expressions included in the study guide * My [something] * Game over * To blank on [something] * For days on end * To the bitter end * If you can’t beat them, join them Copyright: For more information about this episode, visit Music Credit: Something Elated by Broke For Free, Step On by Jahzzar Image: Nathan Wright (
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