Chatterbox #296 – Anna’s trip to Scotland
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Have you ever travelled abroad during summer vacation? Depending on where you travel, summer can be one of the best times to take a trip. In this episode, Andrew and Anna talk about Anna’s trip to Scotland during the summer. Listen to this Chatterbox episode to hear about the food, sites, weather, and more that Anna experienced on her trip. Chatterbox is a series of natural conversations between two native English speakers about diverse and interesting topics. This series is designed to help intermediate and advanced English learners improve their listening and speaking ability in a fun and engaging way. Fun facts In this episode, Anna and Andrew talk about haggis, one of Scotland’s most iconic foods. There is a myth about haggis that some travellers may hear, which is that haggis is a small four-legged creature with a mane that is hunted in the Highlands of Scotland. Most people know this is not true, but if you ever have the opportunity to eat haggis you may also end up hearing this legend! Expressions included in the study guide * To recharge (one’s) batteries * To take it away * Picky and choosy * Quite the hike * Bucket list * Achilles’ heel Copyright: For more information about this episode, visit Music Credit: Something Elated by Broke For Free, Step On by Jahzzar Image:Andrew Ridley (
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