Simplified Speech #159 – Kassy’s new hobbies
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It is always a great time picking up a new hobby! In this episode, Kassy talks with Andrew about some new hobbies of hers. Listen in to find out what they are! Simplified Speech is a Culips series where native speakers have natural conversations about everyday topics using clear and easy to understand language. These episodes are designed to help beginner and intermediate English language learners improve their listening skills. Study with the interactive transcript here. Fun facts In this episode, Andrew mentions Alex Honnold, a famous free solo climber. In 2017, he climbed El Capitan in Yosemite National Park, a 3000 feet tall rock formation, without ropes or any other protective equipment. The climb took him 3 hours and 56 minutes. Expressions included in the study guide * If I recall correctly * To get where [someone] is coming from * To have a hard time [doing something] * To blow [one’s] socks off * Notorious * To be on the verge of [something] Copyright: For more information about this episode, visit Music Credit: Something Elated by Broke For Free, Step On by Jahzzar Image: Karolina Grabowska (
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