Chatterbox #300 – The metaverse
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Is the metaverse our future reality or just a dystopian fantasy? In this episode, Andrew and Anna talk all about virtual reality and share their opinions on how they see the future of the metaverse. Chatterbox is a Culips series designed for intermediate and advanced English learners. This series features native speakers having natural conversations about fascinating topics that help you improve your English listening and speaking skills. Plus, you might learn something interesting along the way! Fun facts You might think that the concept of the metaverse is recent, but did you know that the idea of virtual reality, or VR, dates all the way back to 1838? That’s when the VR headset of the 19th century—the stereoscope—was invented by an English scientist, Charles Wheatstone. Expressions included in the study guide * To attribute [something] to [something/someone] * A late adopter/an early adopter * Out of the loop * To block out * To jump/dive headfirst into [something] * To change [one’s] tune Copyright: For more information about this episode, visit Music Credit: Something Elated by Broke for Free Image: Sound On (
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