How to Manage Finances as a Freelancer with Birgit Bosold
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How to effectively manage finances as a freelance worker in art and culture? What is financial resilience? What mindset and skills are useful in building it? This episode discusses ways to improve your financial well-being and de-mystify financial literacy. Birgit Bosold is an independent financial coach and consultant, as well as a board member of the Schwules Museum Berlin. She has been crucial to the dynamic development of the museum over the past decade, not least by designing and implementing successful fundraising strategies. After completing her studies and doctorate in literature, she worked at various renowned banks and has been a freelance consultant in portfolio management for (small) companies, foundations, and private clients for more than 15 years. If you want to learn more about managing your finances as an art professional, don't miss out on Birgit's upcoming workshop at Node: Curating Tools is a podcast exploring the practical aspects of curatorial work. Through conversations with some of the most prolific curators and art professionals in the creative sector, we aim to provide you with tools and advice to help you develop your curatorial practice. This podcast is brought to you by Call For Curators, a platform promoting professional opportunities since 2012 and Node Center for Curatorial Studies, the first e-learning platform for curators and art professionals founded in 2009, and is hosted by curator and researcher Maria Cynkier. Call For Curators Members get exclusive access to the expanded version of the podcast episode. Prior to recording, they have the opportunity to send questions to our guests, and then hear their responses in the Members' episodes. CFC Membership starts at €2.95/month. Try it for free for 1 week here. Follow Call For Curators on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. Follow Node Center for Curatorial Studies in Berlin on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok. Editing by Maria Cynkier Intro music by Dan Carr.
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