Curating Tools with Sean Lee: Disability, art and cultural accessibility
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How can artists with disabilities be supported in their careers? What is the difference between therapy art and disability arts? Join us in this insightful episode with an artist and curator Sean Lee. Delve into the intersection of art and disability, uncover the transformative power of inclusive curation, and understand the importance of accessibility in the arts.  This is a short version of this podcast episode. To gain access to the full-length video version and more exclusive podcast content, sign up to the Call For Curators Membership. It starts at only €2.95/month and we offer a 7-day free trial. Sign up here. This podcast is brought to you by Call for Curators, providing professional art opportunities since 2012, and Node Center for Curatorial Studies, the pioneering e-learning platform for curators and art professionals founded in 2009.  Meet our guest, Sean Lee. Orienting towards a “crip horizon”, he is interested in the transformative possibilities of crip community building and accessible curatorial practices that desire the ways disability can disrupt. Sean is currently the Director of Programming at Tangled Art + Disability. He holds a B.A. in Arts Management and Studio from UTSC. Sean is also an independent curator, lecturer, and advisor, adding his insights and perspectives to conversations across Canada, the US, and internationally. Sean sits on numerous committees and serves on the board of the Toronto Arts Council and CARFAC Ontario, and is a member of the OAC’s Deaf and Disability Advisory Committee and Chair of TAC’s Visual and Media Arts Committee. Our host ⁠Maria Cynkier⁠ is an independent curator and researcher working in the fields of art, ecology and digital culture. In her practice, she is concerned with the social, political and material impacts of new technologies on humans, non-humans and the environment. She often works within the framework of speculative storytelling and worldbuilding tactics that enable critical dialogue. Follow Call For Curators on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok.  Follow Node Center for Curatorial Studies in Berlin on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok.  Audio editing by Maria Cynkier. Intro music by Dan Carr.
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