Brain Replays Memories at 20x Speed & A Real Maxwell’s Demon
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Learn how your brain replays the things you’ve practiced at 20 times speed; and an engine that uses information as fuel. On your practice breaks, your brain replays memories of your practice session at 20x speed by Kelsey Donk Human brain replays new memories at 20 times the speed during waking rest. (2021). EurekAlert!  Buch, E. R., Claudino, L., Quentin, R., Bönstrup, M., & Cohen, L. G. (2021). Consolidation of human skill linked to waking hippocampo-neocortical replay. Cell Reports, 35(10), 109193.  Scientists built an ultrafast engine that they claim uses information as fuel by Briana Brownell Ratner, P. (2021, May 24). Researchers design an engine that uses information as fuel. Big Think; Big Think.  ‌World’s fastest information-fuelled engine designed by SFU researchers - University Communications - Simon Fraser University. (2021).  ‌Saha, T. K., Lucero, J. N. E., Ehrich, J., Sivak, D. A., & Bechhoefer, J. (2021). Maximizing power and velocity of an information engine. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 118(20), e2023356118.  Follow Curiosity Daily on your favorite podcast app to learn something new every day withCody Gough andAshley Hamer. Still curious? Get exclusive science shows, nature documentaries, and more real-life entertainment on discovery+! Go to to start your 7-day free trial. discovery+ is currently only available for US subscribers. See for privacy information.
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