Earth’s Core Growing Lopsided and the Science of Gut Feelings
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Learn how to tap into your “gut feeling,” which knows more than you think it does; and why Earth's core is growing lopsided. You do have a "gut feeling" — and it knows more than you think by Cameron Duke Annie Murphy Paul. (2021, July 29). Interoception: how to improve your “gut feeling.” Big Think; Big Think.  Armstrong, K. (2019). Interoception: How We Understand Our Body’s Inner Sensations. APS Observer, 32(8).  Lewicki, P., Czyzewska, M., & Hoffman, H. (1987). Unconscious acquisition of complex procedural knowledge. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition, 13(4), 523–530.  Ceunen, E., Vlaeyen, J. W. S., & Van Diest, I. (2016). On the Origin of Interoception. Frontiers in Psychology, 7.  Plans, D. (2019, February 5). We’ve Lost Touch with Our Bodies. Scientific American Blog Network.  Price, C. J., & Hooven, C. (2018). Interoceptive Awareness Skills for Emotion Regulation: Theory and Approach of Mindful Awareness in Body-Oriented Therapy (MABT). Frontiers in Psychology, 9.  Craig, A. D. (2009). How do you feel — now? The anterior insula and human awareness. Nature Reviews Neuroscience, 10(1), 59–70.  Earth's core is growing lopsided by Grant Currin  Cottier, C. (2021). Earth’s Inner Core Is Growing Lopsided. Discover Magazine; Discover Magazine.  Frost, D. A., Lasbleis, M., Chandler, B., & Romanowicz, B. (2021). Dynamic history of the inner core constrained by seismic anisotropy. Nature Geoscience, 14(7), 531–535. ‌ Is Earth’s core lopsided? Strange goings-on in our planet’s interior. (2021, June 3).  ‌Ling, T. (2021, June 4). Scientists have measured how Earth’s core grows (and found something really strange). BBC Science Focus Magazine; BBC Science Focus Magazine.  BONUS: Cohen, R. (2020, January 23). The Silurian Hypothesis. The Paris Review.  Follow Curiosity Daily on your favorite podcast app to learn something new every day withCody Gough andAshley Hamer. Still curious? Get exclusive science shows, nature documentaries, and more real-life entertainment on discovery+! Go to to start your 7-day free trial. discovery+ is currently only available for US subscribers. See for privacy information.
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