C2 Episode 8: As the survivors begin the ritual to free Ulder Ravengard from the curse, a portal opens to prevent with demons pouring out. The group successfully stop the forces, and are granted with visons. The vision while broken and scattered leave more questions but shows a destination. To search for Zariel's missing sword.
Published 07/15/21
C2 Episode 7: Meeting with Gideon, a corrupted priest, the group is able to persuade him to allow the group to search the source of the Demons. With the help of  Gideon's devil helper they explore the catacombs and discover a possessed Ulder Ravengard, stuck with a helmet on his head. Unable to free him they return to High Hall for the solution.
Published 07/02/21
C2 Episode 6: With the survivors safely in High Hall, The group heads to the Grand Cemetery to search for the Duke and the artifact he was searching for. They discover the the source of the undead scourging the city.
Published 06/25/21
C2 Episode 5: After taking a rest with the survivors in High Hall, they head deeper into the Catacombs and face off the cultist to Tiamat. They discover the rest of the survivors, and prepare to search for the Grand Duke.
Published 06/05/21
C2 Episode 4: Leaving Lux's family home the group journey to High Hall to hopefully find more survivors and a way solve Elturels problems. They meet Adriel's household along the way and Max Powers mortal enemy in High Hall, the kenku, who they nickname "Snaps". The Altar boys are able to cleanse the Temple, but the group learns there are more cultist deeper inside the Temple.
Published 05/25/21
C2 Episode 3: Battling their way across the bridge Torm's Bridge they learn the side affects of Sorcha's Bloodlust. Making their way to Lux's Family home they discover it was overrun by undead, with only a small Tabaxi child hiding in the kitchen. The group takes a rest as they prepare to make their way to the High Hall
Published 05/08/21
C2 Episode 2: The group searches for survivors as they make their way to High Hall for safety. They learn of the battle for Elturel by the Demons and Devils as it sink closer to the River Styx.
Published 04/29/21
C2 Episode 1: We start a new campaign in Elterell, where a group come to meet at comeback performance of the Lute Destroyers, until their show is cut short by disaster. Hey everyone! Just a quick note about the recording - something happened at 2:21:50, and unfortunately, about ten minutes of material was lost. The recording picks up again at 2:21:51, but during that time, here's what happened.  - Lux entered the inn and looked around for their brother, Nox, before finding him at the back....
Published 04/14/21
C1 - Episode 23: The party faces Nazira on the ship and a sky battle begins. The quori is vanquished and the party take a deep breathe as they recover from the Dreaming Dark. [Ulla audio missing]
Published 04/02/21
Episode 22: Staring by battling mirror versions of themselves, they come to the end of the Trails and learn of the past and how to stop the Dreaming Dark. The group then prepare for the final battle.
Published 03/17/21
Episode 21: Entering in the temple the group investigate the path of light and go through their trials.
Published 03/02/21
Episode 20: The group leave the Greenfoot clan with Horus and Dougie joining with them. They set off to make it to the destination, a huge storm surrounding it. With Shawn's Dragonmark they are able to enter and find that the Dreaming Dark is already at the island. Coming in stealthily they are able to take them by surprise and start the first trial to the secrets of the map.
Published 02/18/21
Episode 19: The group fight off the nightmares. First in a Sinking ship in Rill's and the a burning village in Dayve's. They succeed and no longer feel the nightmares hold on them.
Published 02/03/21
Episode 18: Traveling back to the Green Foot Clan they plan a celebration until they discover that their friends are more corrupted then they thought. Quickly, Kora prepares for the Dream ritual with their mother, and the party delves into the nightmares.
Published 01/18/21
Episode 17: The group face off against the Borimar Druid, hellbent on getting her revenge. She summons the Wilds to create a deadly trap for them.
Published 01/08/21
Episode 16: The party attempt to interrupt a sacrifice and free Rustle Cloth, but things change quickly when Doom Fang appears.
Published 12/27/20
Episode 15: The group fight off the Lizardfolk of the Jungle and the sisters are reunited. They rest in the trees and prepare to face the Bohrimar clan during their festivities.
Published 12/09/20
Episode 14: The airship lands and they prepare a landing party. The group traverse the jungle to find their lost friends.
Published 11/18/20
Episode 13: While traveling through the skies, a group of halflings on gliders come for the map and infiltrate the ship, throwing several crew members are thrown off the ship. After the fight, the group realizes that people touched by Nasira are subconsciously under her control. 
Published 11/09/20
Episode 12: Secrets revealed of the sisters heritage and the villains' that seek them out. They group race to the destination to beat them, but also beat the may feeling stirring amongst the crew.
Published 11/09/20
Episode 11: Tensions build as the party continues, no one knows who to trust and what will happen. Katara and Banari are led into a room by a monk with information about their heritage. Unfortunately, it's a trap and the group must make a quick escape from the party.
Published 10/12/20
Episode 10: The group get outfitted for the party, prepping for the engagement party of Shawn and Nasira. Anxiety climbs as guests and mysterious people from the past arrive.
Published 09/24/20
Episode 9: The group return Holly and Iliriel to the Spring Court and meet Ziggerafor of the Fey Court. After getting the curse lifted from the town of Hendlberg, they return in the morning after a night or celebration. They reveal to Shawn the Map they have been carrying and prepare for the excursion.
Published 09/07/20
Episode 8: Traveling through the Feywilds the group gets trapped in a clearing; meet a therapy troll; and beat a Hag in a Swamp.
Published 08/21/20
Episode 7: Returning to Raincallers guild with the creatures and the weak dryad Holly; the group band together to return her to the Feywild and the Spring court with Iliriel the deer faun. In the Feywild, they find tricks and Feycake are found.
Published 07/12/20