C2 - Kill Kyle
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C2 Episode 11: With a singular mission the cursed sword, Vilus Incarnatus, wants to be hilt deep in the Broken Prince nicknamed Kyle. The group searches through the temple to activate all the glyphs and open the inner chamber. They find Rio, Gwen's childhood bully, causing trouble.
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Episode 14: With a plan to save Raggadragga crew, they travel to Deathscream's warcamp in the Spawning Trees. While half of the group enter stealthy, the others enter a battle of the bands as a distraction under the name of Black Star. A fight breaks out as the warband is freed and chaos erupts.
Published 11/18/21
Published 11/18/21
Episode 13: After learning about some more locations across Avernus from the flameskull wizard, the group heads out on their new vehicle to the Temple of the Broken Prince for more demon blood fuel. While a part of the group carry the barrels, a pigman named Raggadragga, running across the field...
Published 10/29/21