Shootin the shoot
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Hannah and Evan shoot the shoot about games, being in the weird middle space of a project almost being done, and launching lucrative YouTube careers.
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Hannah and Evan talk about the quest to thrive in the shadows of the world's most popular RPGs. An episode about how to compare *every* roleplaying game to the big ones, for the good.
Published 04/06/21
Hannah and Evan discuss the trials and tribulations of offering a "deluxe" version of a game on Kickstarter. How do you balance the quality, the complexity, and the pressure to compete with mass-produced games?
Published 03/16/21
We sold out of Questlandias, and have decided to revamp it for the next print run! We talk about returning to our first game with both appreciation for what it is, and an intention to improve it.
Published 02/02/21