Big episode packed with a ton of info. Andy and Patrick chat about rebranding themselves, how to get a job in the covid market and we take the Hamilton challenge,
Published 08/10/20
Andy and Patrick chat about getting developers to do more work, watching Hamilton, and poopy talk.
Published 08/03/20
Andy and Patrick sit down to discuss the stereotypes of designers.
Published 07/28/20
Andy and Patrick sit down virtually to discuss how you can gather data and apply it to your design decision making
Published 07/20/20
Andy and Patrick chat about their educational background and discuss if it's necessary to get a design degree to become a UX designer.
Published 07/13/20
This episode is loaded with topics: What happens when your design work isn't built, how would our world be different if humans had eyes in the back of our heads, licorice, and the wisdom of Frozen.
Published 07/07/20
After Andy and Patrick chat about how to arrest a crocodile and how to take down a standing shark they dive right into how to negotiate salary and promotions.
Published 06/29/20
Andy and Patrick start off the pod trying to diagnose Andy's hatred for olives and then jumped into changing priorities.
Published 06/22/20
Andy and Patrick sit down and discuss resolving and preventing design conflicts
Published 06/15/20
Andy and Patrick discuss the perils of office politics, Andy's new rad Dribbble shots, and a few solid blog marketing ideas you can steal.
Published 06/08/20
Andy and Patrick chat via the interwebs about a topic that every UX designer has experienced at least once.
Published 06/01/20
Andy and Patrick kick off this episode by stack ranking their favorite nuts and end the episode with a great chat about design systems.
Published 05/25/20
Yep, chicken switches are lame and will make you a lame designer, Andy and Patrick talk about why.
Published 05/18/20
In this special episode, Andy and Patrick were joined briefly by Patrick's Grandmother before diving into the topic of how to build and scale end to end user experience.
Published 05/11/20
Andy and Patrick chat about a lot of things in this episode; what happens when you lose your design at the mall, how to improve UX without alienating existing users and even Andy's take on Onward... good stuff, good stuff
Published 05/05/20
Published 05/05/20
Ken Jackson AKA K-Jax sent Andy and Patrick a very deep topic - How to handle broken trust in the workplace.
Published 04/27/20
Aaron Watson sends forth the topic of favorite user research tools, Andy and Patrick discuss.
Published 04/20/20
Andy and Patrick virtually chat about what happens when you feel like your job no longer serves your career. We also go in depth about Andy's job at the Training Table and when he quit nobody noticed.
Published 04/13/20
Chelsea Nelson asked the question "How do you find and build creativity everyday?" Andy and Patrick sat down to figure it out.
Published 04/06/20
Jordan Reading joins Andy and Patrick to chat about design bootcamps, are they good? Are they creating good designers?
Published 03/30/20
Andy and Patrick sit down to discuss if it's UX's responsibility to bring people and departments together. Also chatted about all the old TV shows Andy hasn't seen and Star Wars.
Published 03/23/20
Andy and Patrick sit down to chat about learning patterns, practice and trying new things.
Published 03/16/20
Andy and Patrick sit down to talk about the pros and cons of working on cross-functional teams and the racist origins of Fanta
Published 03/09/20
Trae Winterton joined Andy and Patrick to chat about his recent transition from user research to product management.
Published 03/02/20