Bonus Episode: Best Springtime Records, Your Top 5s, and Last Temptations
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Spring is here and Jake is listening to his all-time springtime records. Peter Tosh and Keith Richards are out on YouTube @disgracelandpod. And a dedicated Disgo comes through with our first submission for the Recommendations Part theme music! Leave your own messages for Jake to respond to at 617-906-6638 and come join the After Party. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Published 06/08/23
This week in the After Party, Jake is ready to dive into the latest Disgraceland episode on Jeff Buckley, and to talk about his crazy influences, like Nina Simone, Edith Piaf, and more. We're also talking your Paul Simon album recommendations, why working out to disco is so great, and much more....
Published 06/08/23
Jeff Buckley released his only studio album, Grace, at the height of grunge rock. But it didn’t sound like grunge. It sounded like nothing else out there. It defied categorization. It was full of originals and covers, some complex and cerebral, others straight-up pop. From the pissed-off punk...
Published 06/06/23