List for Sale – DNW Podcast #438
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Listing domains for sale is about to get easier. It might be difficult to remember, but there was a time when aftermarket domain name transactions were much more complex. If a buyer in China wanted your domain, they had to go to the landing page where it was advertised for sale or find it in […]
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Published 09/18/23
Listen to this show to sell more domains. On today’s show, Squadhelp founder Darpan Munjal shares data and ideas for how to sell more domains. One of the datapoints was so impactful that I changed the prices on about 50 of my domains after recording this interview. We talk about domain pricing,...
Published 09/18/23
A fun discussion with an early domain buyer. Have you ever passed up acquiring a domain only to kick yourself later? This week’s guest can probably one-up you. Jeremy Padawer had the opportunity to buy for $10,000, only to have Elon Musk beat him to it. On today’s show, Jeremy tells the...
Published 09/11/23