Dakotah Norton – The Pace to Win, Bike Setup and More
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Today I'm joined by Dakotah Norton. Dakotah had his best season ever in 2023 and had the pace to take wins at multiple venues. Hear Dakotah’s thoughts on this season and his time with Intense. We chat about bike setup, the challenge of training at world cup speeds without taking unnecessary risks, how he’s found a way to enjoy racing and much more. So, it’s time to sit back, hit play and listen to this episode with Dakotah Norton. You can follow Dakotah on Instagram @daknorton and on YouTube here. Supporting Partners Misspent Summers - THE YEARBOOKS Misspent Summers awesome yearbooks for DH and Enduro are now available. Downtime listeners can get 10% off those and everything else Misspent Summers until the end of 2023 using the code 'downtime' at the checkout. The perfect Christmas present for you or those special riders in your life. Podcast Stuff Patreon I would love it if you were able to support the podcast via a regular Patreon donation. Donations start from as little as £3 per month. That’s less than £1 per episode and less than the price of a take away coffee. Every little counts and these donations will really help me keep the podcast going and hopefully take it to the next level. To help out, head here. Merch If you want to support the podcast, and represent, then my webstore is the place to head. All products are 100% organic, shipped without plastics, and made with a supply chain that’s using renewable energy. So check it out now over at downtimepodcast.com/shop. Newsletter If you want a bit more Downtime in your life, then you can join my newsletter where I’ll provide you with a bit of behind the scenes info on the podcast, interesting bits and pieces from around the mountain bike world, some mini-reviews of products that I’ve been using and like, partner offers and more. You can do that over at downtimepodcast.com/newsletter. Downtime EP Downtime EP issue 3 is now available here. EP takes inspiration from the guests and topics of the podcast. It expands on them, and takes them into a stunning print-only format. EP is the perfect companion for some quiet time away from the distractions of modern life. Beautiful to have and hold, and a timeless piece of mountain bike history. Just head over to downtimepodcast.com/ep to save yourself £5 off of the cover price with an annual subscription for just £25 plus postage or you can purchase EP1, EP2 or EP3 on their own too. Follow Us Give us a follow on Instagram @downtimepodcast or Facebook @downtimepodcast to keep up to date and chat in the comments.
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