Episode 1310 - Rachel Dolezal Teaches America's Youth
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Famously not black woman Rachel Dolezal is running one of the most successful OnlyFans ever, over 20 Republican Senators voted to give more aid to Ukraine, and it’s rumored that Taylor Swift had Kanye West kicked out of the Super Bowl (but she probably didn’t).  SUBSCRIBE to our Patreon for exclusive audio and video content! Buy Drinkin Bros’ new HardAF Seltzer Here! Go to https://1stphorm.com/DrinkinBros to get your Micro-Factors and have a chance to be the Drinkin' Bro of the month with every order You can save 30% off your first subscription order of Ketone-IQ at HVMN.com/DRINKINBROS. Again, visit HVMN.com/DRINKINBROS an subscribe upon checkout for 30% off. Advertising Inquiries: https://redcircle.com/brands Privacy & Opt-Out: https://redcircle.com/privacy
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Trump’s New York hush money trial has begun picking jurors and two of them are lawyers, House GOP Speaker Mike Johnson is trying his hardest to get funding to Ukraine despite what many in his party are saying, Iran’s morality police are running around the country beating up women, and for some...
Published 04/19/24
Published 04/19/24
Zach Bell, the Veteran With A Sign, joins the show to talk about the wildest thing he saw during his deployment to Afghanistan, his favorite stories about Vince Young’s time in Nashville, and what it was like doing a video with Mr. Beast. Go to GhostBed.com/drinkinbros and use code DRINKINBROS...
Published 04/18/24