#10 – Tailoring drug therapy to your genes – Qun-Ying Yue
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Genetic variation is one of the reasons people differ in their response to medicines. Understanding that variation can inform more refined choices of drugs and doses – ultimately preventing undesired side effects. Join us as we discuss past, present and future of pharmacogenomics with Uppsala Monitoring Centre’s Qun-Ying Yue. Tune in to find out: How genetic biomarkers can guide medicine use and dosing recommendationsWhat we need to effectively implement genetic-based prescribing in clinical practiceHow increasing diversity in clinical trials can aid pharmacogenomics research Want to know more? Here are a few resources to get you started: SWEDEGENE is a Swedish nation-wide DNA sample collection established to facilitate pharmacogenomic studies of serious adverse drug reactions.The African continent, with its genetically diverse populations, is a treasure trove of pharmacogenomics data – as long as African patients are included in drug studies, as we discussed in this Uppsala Reports Long Read episode.As a past member of the European Medicines Agency’s Pharmacogenomics Working Party, Ying contributed to the “Guideline on key aspects for the use of pharmacogenomic methodologies in the pharmacovigilance evaluation of medicinal products”.Ying also chairs ISoP’s Pharmacogenomics Special Interest Group, whose work and objectives have been described in Uppsala Reports and Drug Safety. Join the conversation on social media Follow us on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, and share your thoughts about the show with the hashtag #DrugSafetyMatters. Got a story to share? We’re always looking for new content and interesting people to interview. If you have a great idea for a show, get in touch! About UMC Read more about Uppsala Monitoring Centre and how we work to make medicines safer for patients.
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