Chapter 2 | Consequences
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In this unexpected episode of Dumpster Fyre, the CEO of Notorious, Peter Vincer, talks with anonymous inmates at Elkton Federal Correctional Institution about their experience in prison with Billy McFarland. After discovering he has been put into solitary confinement following the release of Chapter 1, Peter finds out what Billy is experiencing right now. 
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A little update.
Published 12/09/20
Notorious CEO Peter Vincer continues his conversation with Oren Aks, the former Fyre Festival graphic designer. In this episode, they discuss the making of the popular documentaries, Oren’s creative direction, and the red flags he noticed before the festival was supposed to happen.
Published 11/25/20
In the first episode of Part 2, former Fyre Fest graphic designer Oren Aks talks with Notorious CEO Peter Vincer about what it was like creating a viral social brand leading up to the festival and the aftermath of it. 
Published 11/18/20