Published 05/14/19
Dr. Steven Lome, the founder of HeartStrong.com, is a board certified, academically trained cardiologist currently at Rush-Copley Medical Center in the Chicagoland area.  
Published 11/11/18
Dr. Greger gets real with us about the flu shot, cancer treatments, thyroid disfunction, plant based fats, fatty liver disease, and more! Click here for a free plant based meal plan: www.eattolivedaily.com and nutritionfacts.org for all of the latest and greatest plant-based research.
Published 11/11/18
Episode 23 - Jenna and Cara Furhman - Growing up Nutritarian
Published 10/15/18
Episode 22 - Depression and the Microbiome with Dr Gaila
Published 10/07/18
Episode 21 - Food Addiction and Eating Disorder with Chef AJ
Published 10/06/18
Episode 20: Nalida's Plant Based Weight Loss Journey
Published 07/07/18
Watch Me Eat to Live - Power of Habit Book Club
Published 07/07/18
Dr. Doug Lisle explains in The Pleasure Trap (a book he co-authored), this cycle is evidence that our bodies are doing what they're biologically programmed to do! And once we understand this, we can get ahead of it!!
Published 06/02/18
Episode 16: Watch Me Eat to Live - Dan Shuman Interview
Published 04/29/18
Episode 10: Watch Me Eat to Live - Dr. Louis Nordeen
Published 04/29/18