Beyond Fads: The Hidden Dangers of Popular Diets Revealed
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Why do some swear by certain diets, boasting remarkable weight loss, while others see minimal results? Let’s unravel the hidden dangers of popular diets! Dive into this revealing exploration as we expose the fads and myths, especially of trending diets like keto. Discover the underestimated power of plant-based nutrition as a genuine weight loss ally. 🌱 Amidst the allure of popular diets, have we lost sight of true health and longevity? Delve into the secrets that go beyond fleeting weight loss fads, aiming for a life enriched in quality and vitality. Curious about the real weight loss dynamics between plant protein and meat? We offer science-backed revelations that shed light on these dietary fads. Don't merely chase the weight loss hype; grasp the WHY behind your dietary choices. Embark with us on a journey beyond fad diets to genuine health and lasting weight loss success!
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Published 04/24/24
Published 04/24/24
Welcome back to another insightful episode of the Eat Live podcast. While it's a departure from our usual dynamic with my daughter Jenna, today's episode promises an equally enriching dialogue as I'm joined by a dear friend and esteemed colleague, Matthew Lederman MD. For those unfamiliar, Matt...
Published 03/27/24