Welcome back to another insightful episode of the Eat Live podcast. While it's a departure from our usual dynamic with my daughter Jenna, today's episode promises an equally enriching dialogue as I'm joined by a dear friend and esteemed colleague, Matthew Lederman MD. For those unfamiliar, Matt has been deeply entrenched in the realm of plant-based nutrition and lifestyle medicine for decades. However, what sets him apart is his innovative approach, which extends beyond dietary excellence to...
Published 03/27/24
Published 02/28/24
Published 02/28/24
Dr. Fuhrman chats with fellow nutritional researcher, Dr. Jay Sutliffe. Jay is a member of the Northern Arizona University Health Sciences. Jay earned his doctorate degree in Public Health from Walden University, his Master’s degree in Health Education from the University of Nebraska, and his Bachelor’s degree in Food and Nutrition / Dietetics from North Dakota State University. Jay is also a Registered Dietitian. Dr. Sutliffe joins Dr. Fuhrman as they conduct research related to: disease...
Published 01/31/24
Jenna and Dr. Fuhrman share personal anecdotes and favorite heart-healthy holiday recipes, illustrating how festive meals can be both delicious and nutritious. This episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to enjoy the holiday season without compromising their heart health. It's filled with valuable insights, expert advice, and practical tips to keep you on track with your health goals. Highlights: 0:00 - Intro 1:45 - Heart health-related risks and concerns for loved ones 5:56 -...
Published 12/18/23
Amidst the myriad of diets parading as the ultimate solution, it's essential to discern between fleeting trends and genuine health. It's not just about losing weight but also about enriching our lives with quality, longevity, and vitality. So, instead of being swayed by the latest weight loss pill or diet fad, let's understand the WHY behind our dietary choices with the Eat to Live podcast.
Published 11/02/23
Why do some swear by certain diets, boasting remarkable weight loss, while others see minimal results? Let’s unravel the hidden dangers of popular diets! Dive into this revealing exploration as we expose the fads and myths, especially of trending diets like keto. Discover the underestimated power of plant-based nutrition as a genuine weight loss ally. 🌱 Amidst the allure of popular diets, have we lost sight of true health and longevity? Delve into the secrets that go beyond fleeting weight...
Published 10/16/23
In a world filled with health trends and diet fads, it's easy to overlook the fundamental building blocks of our well-being. Enter Dr. Joel Fuhrman, who guides us through the critical trio of sunshine, vitamin D, and calcium. This is not just about catching some rays; it's about embracing a lifestyle that could potentially add years to your life. Dr. Fuhrman shares the science and offers a glimpse into his Nutritarian approach — a philosophy that transcends diet and embodies a holistic way...
Published 09/07/23
Alcohol and health. Two contrasting words that somehow intertwine in our modern society. Where do we draw the line between savoring an occasional glass of wine and wrestling with alcohol’s potential health hazards? How do we strike a balance between being health conscious and obsessing over it? In the latest episode of the Eat to Live Podcast, Jenna and Dr. Joel Fuhrman take us on a fascinating journey exploring these critical topics.
Published 08/02/23
Welcome to today's enlightening discussion on the Eat to Live podcast!  Your favorite healthy living duo is here to unveil the truth about salt and its impact on our health. Join Dr. Fuhrman and Jenna as they explore the world of salt and sodium in its various forms and uncover the dangers it poses to our well-being.
Published 06/14/23
In this episode of the Eat to Live podcast, Dr. Fuhrman and Jenna dive deeper into the intriguing question: Are fish our friends or foes? Building upon the previous episode, we discuss take a closer look at what consuming fish means for our bodies and the environment. Additionally, Dr. Fuhrman will be answering intriguing questions submitted by our members!
Published 05/24/23
🎙️ Introducing the Eat to Live Podcast: Unveiling the Truth About Fish 🐟 Discover the captivating secrets of the ocean's bounty with the Eat to Live Podcast, your ultimate gateway to unlocking the fascinating world of nutrition. In this groundbreaking episode, we delve deep into the age-old question: Is fish a friend or foe? Brace yourself for an enlightening journey as we unveil the truth, leaving no scales unturned. 🌊 Dive into the Depths of Knowledge 🌊 Are you puzzled by the conflicting...
Published 05/03/23
Fasting has been gaining popularity in recent years to promote weight loss and improve health. Intermittent fasting, in particular, reduces inflammation and improves insulin sensitivity, preventing chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. In a Nutritarian diet, Dr. Joel Fuhrman is confident that incorporating fasting doesn't only jump start weight loss but also slows down aging. To maximize these life-saving benefits of fasting, it is important to approach it with...
Published 04/05/23
Why should you grow your own fruits and vegetables and actually work with dirt? Ask a green thumb how they feel about gardening, and they will tell you it's a mood elevator. In the Blue Zones, regions of the world where people live longer and healthier, outdoorsy lifestyle with moderate physical activity is credited for their less stressed and longer life. Now according to Dr. Joel Fuhrman, we're intrinsically tied to the health of the planet. And that helps explain why we enjoy nature,...
Published 12/21/22
Why did you go vegetarian or plant-based? Dr. Joel Fuhrman and his daughter, Jenna, discuss some of the most important topics in society, nutrition, and health. Dr. Fuhrman has always educated that a diet rich in plants is better for one's health, but did you know it largely effects the environment too?This episode is ready to unpack more facts that many choose to ignore.
Published 10/05/22
Dr. Joel Fuhrman and his daughter Jenna discuss one of the most debated topics in the world of nutrition — calorie intake. Calorie restriction comes up a lot when people talk about plant-based diets. A common misconception is that a plant-based diet is restricted and does not allow people to feel satisfied without animal protein. But how much of that statement is true in a dietary pattern that is rich in micronutrients?
Published 08/31/22
We know that eating right is important, but what about exercise? Should that be on our radar? Do we need exercise to be healthy? Today on the Eat To Live Podcast, you'll join me, Jenna Fuhrman and my dad, Dr. Fuhrman, as we discuss how to get moving, and why exercise and physical activity will help you eat to live.
Published 03/25/22
In a world that is constantly telling us different things about food – plant-based, vegan, keto diet, eat meat, don't eat meat, lose weight, don't lose weight, eat what you want, don't eat what you want – we are so confused about what health even means. What foods are we supposed to eat? Today on the Eat to Live podcast, we are going to discuss why you should count nutrients, and not calories, for a healthy, happy you.
Published 02/02/22
Sure, there’s nothing new about saying added sugar is bad for you (regardless of your age). Your mom told you, and your doctor says so, too, but you can’t sugar-coat the truth -- you love the sweet stuff. So what else is new? Well, it turns out that there is a lot of information that is both new and troubling about sugar.
Published 11/03/21
Be wise when you supplement, your health depends on it. All vitamins are not created equal; some can do more harm than good. So how much do you know about the vitamins you are taking? Taking carefully and intelligently designed supplements is important, especially for those on a plant-based or vegan diet.
Published 10/06/21
Each of us deserve health and happiness, but that doesn't mean we automatically achieve them. In the Eat to Live Podcast, Dr. Fuhrman and Jenna discuss how nutrition plays a role in happiness and strategies for a healthier and happy life!
Published 09/01/21
We are all taught that protein is a super nutrient that will make us lean, strong, and healthy. We do need protein, but more is not necessarily better, and high-protein foods are not always healthful. In this episode Jenna and Dr. Fuhrman discuss where you should get your protein.
Published 08/04/21
For most people being hungry means a grumbling stomach, headaches, light-headedness, shakiness, irritability, fatigue, and inability to focus. Since eating removes the symptoms, they are mistakenly believed to be signs of hunger, but they are not. This pattern of "toxic hunger" causes people to constantly overeat and undermines any attempt to lose weight. Understanding true hunger could be a key factor in reversing this trend.
Published 06/23/21
Nutrition always played a large role in the Fuhrman household. Tune in as Jenna and her parents, Joel and Lisa Fuhrman, discuss the fun, games, and challenges of growing up Nutritarian and raising healthy kids.
Published 05/11/21
Everyone knows someone effected by cancer. Cancer rates have skyrocketed during the 20th century and experts have predicted cancer numbers to increase in future years. We are here to win the war on cancer, Join Dr. Fuhrman and Jenna Fuhrman as they explore the history of cancer and the actions you can take to protect yourself. View the reference list at drfuhrman.com/podcasts
Published 03/30/21