This is it, folks. The end of an era for us here at QGN. As we close up a show that has personally meant so much to us, we dive [...]
Published 06/24/19
We dive head first into lore around The Nerevarine, plus discuss Elder Scrolls reaching it’s 25th anniversary, ESO’s 5 year anniversary, trouble in Elder Scrolls: Blades, and then Open MW [...]
Published 04/12/19
A huge dose of lore around the practice of Ancestor Worship in Morrowind. Plus, news, gameplay and the Mod Spotlight returns! ESOTR 217: Ancestor Worship and The AnticipationsSubscribe to ‘Elder [...]
Published 03/15/19
Its been a slow news week, but that doesn’t stop the guys from diving head first into the lore of Balmora, our first episode in Morrowind in nearly 2 years! [...]
Published 03/01/19
I had the pleasure of welcoming Elder Scrolls Online Lead Dungeon Designer, Mike Finnigan onto the Micro Blog this week, for the first time. With the new Wrathstone DLC just [...]
Published 02/18/19
HAIL, Tamrielic traveler and welcome! Hircine needs love too, and in our final show about Lycanthrope, we give the fuzzy little hunter just that – some love and attention. Also, [...]
Published 02/01/19
Picking up where we left off with all of the exciting information released by ZOS on the upcoming Wrathstone DLC (Update 21), I invite fellow ESO content creator, Xynode, on [...]
Published 01/23/19
ESO’s new chapter, upcoming dungeon DLC and all the info released this week from ZOS, await you here. Some other topics are left for future Micro Blogs to be posted [...]
Published 01/18/19
Something has been brewing these last two weeks in the ESO community, and the answers will be here in the next 24 hours. Evarwyn gets your up to speed with [...]
Published 01/15/19
Deep lore dives for our furry adversaries tonight as Mike continues his series in wolf related readings! The news has us bantering about Elder Scrolls 6 predictions and we discuss [...]
Published 01/05/19
Our look back on 2018 in Elder Scrolls Online and Elder Scrolls with Evarwyn and Aurora, sitting by the fire, in Proudspire Manor Our 2018 Saturalia Greeting Card Subscribe to [...]
Published 12/26/18
Skyrim’s Companions: Who are they? Where do they come from? What sort of history can be found? We explore them and the latest in Elder Scrolls news this week. Episode [...]
Published 12/08/18
BIG episode this week as we come back to bring you part 2 of our focus on Bruma. This time, from the 4th era! Classic Elder Scrolls 80: Bruma: Part [...]
Published 11/03/18
ZOS shows us how the end of the year festivals can earn us a free mount plus juicy gossip from the TES community and QGN updates at the top of [...]
Published 10/18/18
“Redfall” gets trademarked by Bethesda, Elder Scrolls Online “Murkmire” gets a release date, Is “Blades” still coming this fall, and something called “Rare Curios” ESOTR Micro Blog: Redfall? Subscribe to [...]
Published 10/10/18
After a very busy September, we’re back with this update on our show and news and info from the upcoming DLC, “Murkmire” and Update 20! ESOTR Micro Blog: Murkmire and [...]
Published 10/03/18
Part 1 of two part series on Bruma! This week we present you the history and lore of Bruma from Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, we ask ourselves how important discovery [...]
Published 08/20/18
Quake Con 2018 has come and gone this weekend and we’ve got some GREAT info coming from Elder Scrolls Online and even from Elder Scrolls: Blades! Evarwyn dives into that [...]
Published 08/12/18
Werewolves are getting a buff and Update 19/Wolfhunter DLC news abounds! Later, we chat with guests of QGN Con and Liz debuts a new parody! Elder Scrolls 212: LIVE From [...]
Published 08/03/18
The Return of Classic! We delve into the enigmatic guild of The Blades and present their history and some of the prominent people within this secret society that, for thousands [...]
Published 06/27/18
Gameplay from Elder Scrolls Online and Skyrim, plus we discuss the recent issues with Steam and ESO and discuss a Hammerfell fan theory for Elder Scrolls VI! We dive into [...]
Published 06/21/18
The crew gets together to discuss the Elder Scrolls VI teaser and speculates! Plus, new Elder Scrolls Online dlc info for 2018, new TES Mobile game: Blades, and so much [...]
Published 06/13/18
ELDER SCROLLS VI HAS BEEN TEASED!! My reaction, plus the info on the AMAZING “Elder Scrolls: Blades” mobile game and ESO’s 2 new DLC teases coming in 2018! ESOTR Micro [...]
Published 06/11/18
Summerset has come to PS4 and Xbox! BE3 is making waves! Creative Dir. Rich Lambert sends a letter. ESO will giveaway Psijic Crates. ESOTR will be giving away digital codes [...]
Published 06/08/18