Episode 242 – The Sadfather, Sexy Cat & 2 Million Pounds To Go Away
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How do you feel about wee at a student party? Is it a grey area? Let Elis & John lead the way! Now that the Holy Vible Tour is up and running, the lads ducked out to resume their unproducable once again. You’ll find out what Elis thinks of Halloween and what he’d dress up as if he HAD to, find out whether John has ever kissed a belly and hear a drunken/theft based Shamewell. All this plus the Humblebrags, a Made Up Game and a couple of tastes to tick off! Remember, you can get in touch on [email protected] (if you’re on e-mail. You’ve got to be on e-mail), and you can tune in across the UK every Saturday from 1pm til 4pm! Keep it session. Keep it Radio X. You can see Elis & John on their book tour! Go to http://www.elisandjohn.com for more details! [email protected] https://elisandjohnmerch.com/
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