[PEP TALK] What are you focused on?
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In today's episode we’re chatting about how what you THINK about determines what you’re paying attention to… which in turn CREATES your environment.  While I know that’s common sense it’s not common practice that we take FULL responsibility for what we’re thinking so today we’re talking about that & the question of, if you’re focusing on what’s missing versus what’s already there? Can’t wait to hear what you think!  As mentioned in today’s episode: If you want to feel ENERGIZED, and have CONVENIENT products that will help you keep your HEALTH on the FRONT burner even during a CRAZY BUSY SEASON… & like I mentioned in today’s episode if you love CHOCOLATEEEEE, you’ve gotta check out today’s sponsor of the show: Organifi!  Organifi is  my go to for Organic superfood blends, plant based nutrition & supplements!  I mentioned that the Green Juice, Pure + Protein & the CHOCOLATE Gold are my absolute favsssss!  &&& dahhh nuhh nuhh, you get 20% off ALL products as a listener of the show by heading to:  www.organifi.com/Kacia  Use code “KACIA” for 20% off any items in their store!   Also— are you on my FREE PUMP UP INSPO TEXT LIST yet?  I send out inspo texts every Sunday evening and then randomly throughout the week!  To join just text a unicorn emoji to  (512) 548-2728 and join for free!  Oh & PS– are we connected on Instagram yet?  Come say hi!  My personal account→ @kacia.ghetmiri  The Podcast Account  --->  @empowerHER.podcast
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