What’s it going to take for you to REALLY step into your potential?
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Today’s episode is going to be helpful for you if you KNOW you’re just scratching the surface on your potential, whether that’s in your career, health, business, or even depth of your relationships. I’m sharing 3 beliefs that I think are helpful to get behind as well as a couple real time stories of how I’m navigating it all! SO freaking excited to hear what you think of this one!!  & Special thank you to today’s show sponsor Soul CBD! You’ve gotttta to check them out! Especially if you struggle with ANXIETY or SLEEP… this is going to be your JAM!  My personal fav projects are their epic night time specific gummies (Sleepi) which are a recipe for sleeping like a CHAMP but waking up feeling SUPER alert.  I also LOVE their signature CBD drops – I like to just put a drop of the peppermint flavor under my tongue to take off the edge if you’re feeling anxious at all & they also have SO many freaking flavors of the CBD gummies, my personal favorite is the “Spicy Marg” (cuz duhhh so good + what we launched at the event)  If you want to try any of the products for yourself, snag 15% off if you head to:  http://mysoulcbd.com/kacia  Also— are you on my FREE PUMP UP INSPO TEXT LIST yet?  I send out inspo texts every Sunday evening and then randomly throughout the week!  To join just text a salsa dancer emoji to  (512) 548-2728 and join for free!  Oh & PS– are we connected on Instagram yet?  Come say hi!  My personal account→ @kacia.ghetmiri  The Podcast Account  --->  @empowerHER.podcast
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Published 06/13/24