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Today I brought on Coach Dar for a super fun but RAW conversation where we talk all about managing your EGO when fear or doubts start to creep up, how to bounce back from hardships and what it feels like to start NEW at something, finding confidence in clarity, and REFRAMING how the tough things in life actually SERVE us. You are going to freaking LOVE her, truly she is someone who can make you pee your pants laughing and have an ugly cry all in the same minute, and I LOVE how funny, honest, and real she is! I know you're going to vibe with this episode! As mentioned in today’s episode: If you want to feel ENERGIZED, and have CONVENIENT products that will help you keep your HEALTH on the FRONT burner even during a CRAZY BUSY SEASON… & like I mentioned in today’s episode if you love CHOCOLATEEEEE, you’ve gotta check out today’s sponsor of the show: Organifi!  Organifi is  my go to for Organic superfood blends, plant based nutrition & supplements!  I mentioned that the Green Juice, Pure + Protein & the CHOCOLATE Gold are my absolute favsssss!  &&& dahhh nuhh nuhh, you get 20% off ALL products as a listener of the show by heading to:  www.organifi.com/Kacia  Use code “KACIA” for 20% off any items in their store!   Want to connect with Coach Dar?  Her website: https://www.coachdar.com/ Pre-Order her book: https://www.coachdar.com/bouncing-back-book  Instagram: @thecoachdar https://www.instagram.com/thecoachdar/?hl=en 
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