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Today’s episode we’re chatting about expectations and handling negative feedback. I feel like both of those topics are so relevant, especially this time of year, because you might be spending some time or more time than you're used to with family this time of year with the holidays coming up and as much as you could love your family or they could have the best of intentions, sometimes your family doesn't understand your vision for your life or doesn't agree with the choices that you're making. And that can be really difficult. And then even if you're not hanging out with family and you're putting yourself out there on social media or through a podcast or you're building a business or you're just navigating different social circles that you're a part of, you're gonna deal with negative feedback or people that don't understand why you're making the choices that you're making….My intention with today's episode is to share with you my perspective on how I handle this personally, in hopes that it will help you too! Can’t wait to hear what you think!  Ways to connect outside of the podcast:  Join our empowerHER text community! Text “START” to 512-548-2728 for FREE daily inspo, juicy news, and fun perks sent straight to your phone! Connect with me on Instagram: @kacia.ghetmiri | @empowerher.podcast & come check out our new YouTube channel: EmpowerHER Podcast
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