[INTERVIEW] The rundown on RELATIONSHIPS, MARRIAGE & DATING w/ Former eHarmony Matchmaker turned “Love Doctor” Dr. Christie
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I think you are going to LOVE this juicy convo with Dr. Christie Kederian who is a Psychologist, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, former eHarmony Matchmaker turned world renowned love “doctor”. We talk about a whole spectrum of topics related to marriage, dating, communication, and building a fulfilling life and also the impact of different personality types in relationships! We also really dig into into the importance of balancing ambition and contentment, and strategies for navigating conflicts, rebuilding relationships & dealing with resentment. Whether you are currently in a relationship or marriage or just want to prepare yourself now to have a fulfilling one in the future— this episode is going to be your jam!  As mentioned in this episode—>  If you are a podcaster who LOVES the platform & is wanting to use your podcast as a funnel into your business…. I have a TOTALLY free webinar I’m hosting (where I will also be announcing a really cool opportunity for you coming in March).  To get all the deets text the words “POD WEBINAR” to (512) 548-2728 and youll get all the deets!  Connect with Dr. Christie on Instagram: @thedatedoctorchristie  & check out her website here:: https://drchristiekederian.com/  Ways to connect outside of the podcast:  Join our empowerHER text community! Text “START” to 512-548-2728 for FREE daily inspo, juicy news, and fun perks sent straight to your phone! Connect with me on Instagram: @kacia.ghetmiri | @empowerher.podcast & come check out our new YouTube channel: EmpowerHER Podcast
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