(Interview) EVOLUTION & Stepping into your Potential + Tactical ways to navigate season changes in Business & Marriage w/Cayla Craft
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Today’s episode is a juicy conversation with Cayla Craft, where we dig into everything from being a lineage changer for your family, the importance of getting in environments with the people who look like your FUTURE rather than your PAST, the importance of finding the right mentor and how to find the person who can best help YOU, navigating season changes both in business and in your relationships, and why starting as a beginner is beneficial. This is such a helpful conversation that I think will light a fire under your booty! To connect with Cayla:  Find her on Instagram @cayla.craft Her website: https://caylacraft.com/  Snag her new book: “What Do you Really Want?” https://www.craftedoffer.com/  &&&& as mentioned in this episode if you are LOCAL to Denver, come join her and I LIVE at her book tour Sunday February 25th 3-5PM!  Snag your ticket here: https://g.co/kgs/CdnfbYb  & last but not least!  We are officially enrolling for our MARCH cohort of the PODCAST MASTERMIND! This is a FOUR MONTH Podcast Mastermind for 12 women wanting to work 1 on 1 with me and a small group to grow their podcast community and build their business’ (regardless of downloads on their show- I’ve got your back):  You can check out more deets on it here:  https://www.kaciaghetmiri.com/mastermind  &&& if it feels aligned for you, the application link is here:  https://s7oxki2625f.typeform.com/to/XsqMTfvO  Any questions– feel free to reach out to me via text at (512) 548-2728 or over on Instagram! 
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