Why I LOVED UNMEDICATED childbirth + some tips if you want that too!
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After getting a whole lot of questions I decided it was time for me to do a juicy episode about UNMEDICATED CHILDBIRTH BABYY! We just had our first son Brodie November 2024, and now 4 ½ months later I still think back on how much I LOVED our childbirth which was unmedicated! So in today’s episode I’m sharing a little more about our story but also some tips that worked well for me to support myself in preparing to have this kind of a birth! I hope you find this episode super helpful! Can’t wait to hear what you think!  Special thank you to our sponsor of today’s podcast: CLEARSTEM!  Cuz GIRLFRIEND….are you looking for a new SKINCARE line that’s ACTUALLY non-toxic with no hormone disruptors or CRAP in it?  If so, you’ve got to check out my FAVORITE anti-acne, anti-aging line CLEARSTEM! They have no hormone disrupters or TOXINS and honestly…. Their products have been game changer in my life for the last 5+ years I’ve been using them!  They also JUST came out with a LUXURY hair care line that is anti-acne, no pore cloggers but also still will leave your hair feeling all sorts of AMAZING!! Tap this link: https://glnk.io/rqop/kacia to check them out & use code “KACIA” for a sweet discount! 
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