Planned Parenthood is our partner to kick off important conversations about abortion stigma. In today’s bonus episode, we hear from Patricia from Maryland as they proudly share their abortion story.
Published 06/03/23
Amrita Sher-Gil (1913-1941) was a pioneer in modern Indian art and one of the greatest avant-garde women artists of the early 20th century.
Published 06/02/23
Published 06/02/23
Amy Lowell (1874-1925) was a diva of poetic verse. She wrote more than 650 poems during her brief career, including some of the most vivid odes to lesbian love of her generation.
Published 06/01/23
Zelda D'Aprano (1928-2018) was a working-class woman who dedicated her life to the fight for equality and economic justice for women in Australia.
Published 05/31/23
Yuri Kochiyama (1921-2014) channeled her rage into decades of activism for a diverse set of causes. She built community across ethnic, racial and generational lines.
Published 05/30/23
Shulamith Firestone (1945-2012) was the “fireball” of second wave feminism. At a time when women held almost no major elected positions and couldn’t even have their own credit cards, she wrote of a future in which gender oppression would finally disappear.
Published 05/29/23
Setsuko Thurlow (1932-present) is a survivor of the Hiroshima atomic bomb. Her anger at senseless destruction has fueled a lifetime of campaigning against nuclear weapons.
Published 05/26/23
Poly Styrene (1957-2011) was a feminist punk icon who made her mark on the white male-dominated music genre.
Published 05/25/23
Phyllis Schlafly (1924-2016) was an anti-feminist spokesperson who successfully campaigned against the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment.
Published 05/24/23
Olga of Kiev (c. 900 - 969) was a saint in both the Eastern Orthodox and Catholic churches, who eventually became a vengeful ruler.
Published 05/23/23
Mary Lease (1850-1933) used her voice to build a political movement from the ground up.
Published 05/22/23
Hey listeners! We've sharing the first episode of another podcast we think you'd love: As She Rises. On the latest season, we're traversing the Colorado River Basin  – understanding water through a new lens and centering stories of resilience in the face of the drought. Hosted by Leah Thomas, eco-communicator, author, and founder of the non-profit Intersectional Environmentalist, each episode focuses on a different corner of the basin, beginning in the river’s reservoirs on the borders of...
Published 05/20/23
Mariya Oktyabrskaya (1905-1944) was driven to the front lines of World War II by the death of her husband and the destruction of her hometown.
Published 05/19/23
Maria W. Stewart (1803-1879) was a Black woman who defied societal taboos to fight against slavery.  Her passionate speeches and essays furthered the abolitionist movement — and made her one of the first American women to become a public speaker.
Published 05/18/23
Mamie Till-Mobley (1921-2003) was a mother who, in the face of unimaginable sorrow, helped change the course of the Civil Rights movement.
Published 05/17/23
Luisa Moreno (1907-1992) made vital contributions as a labor organizer and civil rights activist.
Published 05/16/23
Lolita Lebrón (1919-2010) was a Puerto Rican nationalist whose radical approach turned her into the island's symbol for independence.
Published 05/15/23
Letícia Parente (1930-1991) channeled her anger and political criticism into art – as an act of will, pushing against an oppressive world.
Published 05/12/23
Jeanne de Clisson (1300-1359) turned her despair into a vengeful nautical rampage against French nobility.
Published 05/11/23
Henriette Caillaux (1874-1943) caused chaos on the French political scene when she shot and killed Gaston Calmette, editor of the newspaper Le Figaro.
Published 05/10/23
Hazel Dickens (1935-2011) used her voice — and her guitar — to fight against abuse of the working class. Though she  evolved into a leading figure in folk music, she never abandoned her blue collar roots.
Published 05/09/23
Hattie Canty (1933-2012) was one of the greatest strike leaders in U.S. history.
Published 05/08/23
Grace Lee Boggs (1915-2015) was an activist who fought for change for over 70 years. Her intersectional organizing work helped create community in one of America’s toughest cities – Detroit.
Published 05/05/23
Fannie Sellins (c. 1870-1919) was a fearless union leader who stood up to big bosses. She fought tirelessly to alleviate the poverty and exploitation of workers.... and risked her life to do so.
Published 05/04/23