Podcast 29 - How to Use iTunes U to Study for the TOEFL Test
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Learn how to use iTunes U to study for the TOEFL Test. Special guest: Warren Ediger of SuccesfulEnglish.com.
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In this special podcast, we interview Warren of SuccessfulEnglish.com about how to select and use a tutor to improve your English. We'll answer the following questions: -What should you look for in an online or face-to-face tutor? -How should you select a tutor? -What are the advantages of...
Published 11/21/06
Script by Katrina Carrasco Audio Index Slow dialog: 1:10 Explanation: 5:02 Fast dialog: 19:10 Questions: 21:36 During the next few weeks, we will be learning about the basic principles of marketing, from conceiving the idea for a product, to developing it based on market research, to...
Published 05/30/06
Script by Meropi Peponides Audio Index: Slow Dialog: 1:19 Explanations: 3:26 Fast Dialog: 23:40 Questions: 25:06 Anna: I was riding my bike across campus, when suddenly, out of nowhere, I saw someone step right in front of me. I yelled “Watch out!” so that he could move out of the way, and...
Published 05/16/06